NaNoWriMo: What You’ll Need

First, 40,000 gallons of coffee. Got that? Okay, now we can move on. In all seriousness, there’s really nothing that you need for NaNoWriMo. All you really need is your brain and something to write with…a computer, a notebook and pen, a crayon and some old newspaper—it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a […]

Ridiculous Questions People Ask Writers

Being a writer is kind of like being a unicorn—no one really knows what it’s like and a lot of people don’t even think you’re real. On the upside, you are magical, and now and then, you find the select few people—the really amazing ones—who actually believe in you. But along the way, you do […]

How to Stay Motivated and Engaged with Your Work in Progress

I recently commented on a fellow writer’s Instagram post about some ideas for staying engaged and motivated when writing, and the conversation reminded me that every writer sometimes has those moments when they feel a little…well, less than awesome. When you’re in the long haul with a book or whatever project you’re currently working on, […]

Beautiful People Meme July: Author Writing Process Edition

I’ve been a reader and a fan of Cait over at Paper Fury for some time, but I am just now this month deciding to join in on her Beautiful People meme, a monthly meme hosted by Cait and Sky at Further Up and Further In, in which writers answer a series of questions about […]

What is Flash Fiction?

If you’ve never heard of flash fiction before, don’t worry…you’re not alone. I’m about to tell you the story of the Barnes & Noble employee who also had no idea what I was talking about. So, one day, I’m at trusty old Barnes & Noble, compiling an armload of books as I wander around the […]

15 Things to Try When You Have Writer’s Block or Need Ideas

You know that feeling when you feel more awake than you have in days, your coffee is hot, your laptop is open, you’re ready to go, and then when you place your fingers on the keys to type just….nothing? Yeah, we all have days like that. Everyone suffers from writer’s block now and then—even the […]

Writing Advice: How to Decide What to Write About

So, you’ve finally decided to get down to it: you’ve got your favorite notebook or journal in front of you and a pen that flows exactly how you like. Or you’ve got your laptop open, the cursor on a blank document flashing at you impatiently, waiting for you to fill in the words. You’ve come […]

Journaling: Why It’s Important & How To Get Started

I know, I know. There’s about a million posts on the Internet about how important journaling is and how it can be beneficial to you. Well, make it a million and one. I’ve been journaling ever since I was a little kid. I still remember that my first journal was a purple notebook with an […]