Book Review: Spellbook of the Lost & Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle

I usually try to be at least somewhat eloquent and, at the very least, coherent in my book reviews, but this book just made me want to yell OH MY GOD EVERYONE READ THIS NOW. Of course, I totally understand that you may want to know a bit more than that, so don’t worry. I […]

Book Review: Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Eep. I have some thoughts about this one. Emma in the Night is a psychological thriller by Wendy Walker that centers on the disappearance of Cass and Emma Tanner. Three years ago, the two sisters both mysteriously disappeared. Now, Cass shows back up without Emma telling a story about the two sisters being held against […]

Book Review: Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay

Paul Tremblay has an impeccable talent for blending difficult real life situations with the paranormal in a way that makes you question whether you’re more afraid of the unknown or of the horrible acts that human beings commit against each other, and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock is another excellent display of that skill. This novel […]

Book Review: Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads To You is a YA contemporary by Nina LaCour. I actually recently discovered Nina LaCour when I read her novel We Are Okay (review here, by the way) and fell madly, deeply, and instantly in love with her writing. As soon as I finished reading that book, I said to myself, well, okay, now […]

Book Review: My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

With the overwhelming success of the Netflix series Stranger Things and the return of Stephen King’s It to theaters with the children’s storyline bumped forward by nearly thirty years, the 80s are having another major moment in horror—and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix, is no exception. This horror novel has been on my […]

Book Review: A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor

Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone while you were in a car together, and then you had to just sit there with them…trapped…unable to go anywhere else and forced to either work through your issues or tear each other’s heads off? This book is basically that feeling, multiplied by about a thousand. […]

Book Review: The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones

The Hearts We Sold, by Emily Lloyd-Jones, was actually the book I received in the August OwlCrate, and with all the deals with demons, supernatural creatures, and otherworldly circumstances, this book was perfect for the August theme of “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. This young adult urban fantasy novel is about Dee Moreno, a young […]

DNF Book Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Y’all. I can’t. I caaaaan’t. Alright, let me take a deep breath before I get into this. I tried with this book. I really did. But by the time I was about 100 pages in and the main character/narrator was still making sure we knew just how popular she is and just how obsessed with […]

Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager (Spoiler-Free!)

Final Girls, by Riley Sager, was the book I chose for my July book from Book of the Month Club. I was really drawn in by the mysterious, twisty plot, and the sort of slasher-esque back story, and was hoping it would really throw me for a loop. Don’t worry, though—I won’t spoil any of […]

Book Review: Burning by Danielle Rollins

Burning is a YA supernatural thriller written by Danielle Rollins, who you may also know as Danielle Vega, author of The Merciless series and Survive the Night. Burning tells the tale of Angela, a young woman doing her time at a juvenile correction facility, with her sights set on getting out and seeing her little […]