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I have officially reached 500 followers on my bookstagram, @samsaraparchment, and I am so, so, so excited! Bookstagram is honestly a wonderful community, I’ve met so many amazing people there, and made some awesome friends! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of my bookstagram followers for helping me to reach 500! It truly means so much to me that 500 of you want to see my pictures and see what I think! I hope y’all know that I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I appreciate you!

So, all of this information is in my 500 Followers Giveaway post (look for the picture above) on Instagram, but I thought I’d reiterate the information here (with a little bit of extra, since I don’t have a character limit here….), and include some close up pictures of the prizes if anyone is interested!

So, first things first:


  • a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card so that you can purchase any book your heart desires! (also works on their website,
  • a French Bull brand clip on reading light (I have this same reading light and I take it with me everywhere! It’s super bright, flexible, easy to clip onto any book, and perfect for reading while camping, traveling, or just hiding under the covers/living in a pillow fort. Seriously, I don’t judge.)
  • one package of Page Mates page flags (I don’t know about anyone else, but I love stickering the heck out of my books with these as I read! I sticker my favorite parts, favorite quotes, interesting parts…long story short, my book is covered with them by the time I’m done.)
  • 4 pack of magnetic Harry Potter bookmarks – Harry, Hedwig, Dobby, and Hagrid
  • a pair of cozy, cute knee socks featuring a pattern of adorable woodland animals (because y’all know I LOVE #socksunday)
  • a Green Room brand polka dot journal
  • a 3 pack of cute gel pens (teal, orange, and dark gray)



This gift card is loaded with $25 so you can purchase one hardcover, or a few paperbacks, if you’re a bargain hunter, maybe even more! The world is yours, my dear. And by the world I mean this gift card.
Green Room brand journal & gel pens


Page Mates sticky page flags!
Harry, Hedwig, Dobby, & Hagrid magnetic bookmarks


Hoooow cute are these woodland animal knee socks?!?


This super bendy, super bright LED reading lamp is perfect for traveling or just staying at home and having super convenient lighting!


  • Must be following me on Instagram: @samsaraparchment
  • Like the giveaway picture (the same one that’s at the top of this post)
  • Repost the @samsaraparchment 500 Followers Giveaway photo on your IG feed with the hashtag #samsaraparchmentgiveaway
  • Tag 3 (or more!) friends in the comments who might be interested!


These entries are totally optional, but if you want more ways to win, this is the way to do it!

  • Share the giveaway in your IG stories for 1 extra entry
  • Subscribe to *this blog* for 2 extra entries!


You should find an option on the sidebar (if you’re on your computer) or the bottom (if you’re on your phone or tablet) to subscribe via your email. If your email is different from your IG username, leave a comment on THIS POST and let me know it’s you by saying hi and telling me your Instagram username!!! <3

And finally, just a reminder of the NITTY GRITTY part of giveaways, AKA…


  • DO NOT follow to unfollow after the giveaway! I don’t know what is with this follow to unfollow epidemic on bookstagram and Instagram but it needs to stop, y’all. It is beyond rude, so don’t do it. I will know. You will be blocked. And you will win nothing, except the Most Rude Person Award. And is that really an award you want??? Come on.
  • Must be 18 or over or have your parent/guardian’s permission to give out your address so that I can send you your prize!
  • No giveaway accounts
  • Account must be public
  • Open to US *AND* international bookworms! I hate excluding people. L
  • Giveaway ends next Saturday, October 21st, and I will announce the winner on Sunday, October 22nd. The prize will be mailed as SOON as the winner responds, so if you respond on Sunday, I will mail it Monday the 23rd! (Please note these times/dates are in U.S. Central Standard Time as I am located in Texas.)
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram, Barnes & Noble, French Bull, Green Room, or any other brand/companies contained within.

Have fun and I <3 you all! Thank you so, so, so much for getting me to 500 followers! Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’re here from IG so that I can record your entry!

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